Thursday, May 20, 2010

Renovation reflection

Just has a quick browse through the "Lost in Router Space" blog..... It was a very good reminder on how far I have actually come with this house.  Maybe because I haven't done much since 2008 until now, I have felt a bit embarassed having people come over to my house for the first time. But looking back through the blog has shown me how bad the house was to begin with and how far I have really come. I am also proud of myself for having some vision and designing my improvements as I have never done anything like this before.

I can't wait now until the house is painted, floors polished and a modern entertaining area out the back - should be quite a presentable little house then!

Pink bits...

Here are photos of my new timber front staircase and slats between my concrete posts.

Before - ugly metal box and concrete drain

After - no more box or drain


Before - some crappy concrete drain for all the gutter pipes to run into

After - all filled in as the drainage has been properly plumbed under the house

Old broken down stairs

New front stairs

Had a talk with Ryan, my builder, about my crappy under cover area. Have pretty much decided to keep the majority of the concrete slab, destroy the current undercover area, then get shade sails installed and paint the good concrete slab to make the whole area look cleaner and more modern. I will have to get quotes for the sails, but will be way cheaper the getting a new patio built,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't fence me in!

It's been ages since anything exciting has happened to my little house. Now the rush is on to get it to a rentable state by August as I am going to work in Antarctica for 6 months. No pressure - just have to get the house fully painted, floors sanded, a bit of electrical work and what to do with the back undercover disaster area!

Newly mulched garden bed down the side of the house

However progress on been made in the front yard - as of today I have a new front picket fence. I also have new exposed aggregate concrete paths. I am going to talk to my gardening about turning the dirt area into a mulched garden bed. It should look so much neater and give my house much better street appeal. New front stairs have also been made up and I am getting horizontal timber slats under the house between the concrete stumps so block the sight of more dirt. The plumber also came today so now my down pipes all drain properly into a new PVC pipe running to the street drain. No more open concrete drain down the side of my house - check of the photo of how rusted my drain pipe was!

The old stairs and concrete slab