Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rotting corner of house

I spoke to my neighbours on the shared boundary side regarding getting the okay to have scaffolding in their yard. While I was there I had a good look at my broken window which I plan to have weatherboarded in.... Worse than I though - looks like there is a stack of rotting timber - a bit scary when you can break a corner of window sill off the house!!!!

So I am going to try to get hold of some secondhand weatherboards and a piece of timber to replace the corner of the house and the window..... Maybe easier said than done!!! I could possibly steal weatherboards from the front of the house (ek!!) and cut them up. Then I could install a handrail for the front veranda.

I must also decide quickly my colour scheme for my roof and external paint. I think I might survey my work collegues about this one.....

Friday, January 11, 2008

New roof booked

I finally have plucked up the courage to book the roofer today - should be done mid February some time. Just need to decide on the colour of the roof and exterior paint now.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bored boards

After completing most of the painting in the second bedroom, I have the floorboards sanded this morning. Unfortunately, borer damage has been found in approximately 15 lineal metres, which will need replacing. At least the black underlay is finally gone!!! So now I will wait until I paint the main bedroom, lift its carpet and get them sanded, so Gary from Federation Sanding can then order some second hand boards and replace them all at once.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Middle bedroom nearly painted

Well, in a blur of work over the Xmas / New Years period (spurred on by my new flatmate, Venessa moving in shortly), I felt I have to clean up the very dirty middle bedroom. There was a lot more help this time with Dad doing a lot of painting, and Venessa and Kelvin cleaning and painting some walls too. I bought a new $300 double sided ladder yesterday after some persusion by Dad - but it is a god send!!!

At this stage, I have to finish the second coat, do any tidy up bits and also the gloss paint the trims. Unfortunately I couldn't find any before photos :(

There may be some life in my old stumps - I gave Gary two of my rescued stumps. He is going to make them into salt and pepper grinders for me. At this stage two stumps are now 6 pieces of timber.