Sunday, March 11, 2007

The beginner renovator....

Today I have finally got around to creating my blog about my very first renovation project. I bought my first home 3 days before Xmas last year - a little old queenslander. I have thrown myself into the deep end with this one considering I haven't done anything like this before. Only needs new stumps, roof, bathroom, kitchen..... you get the idea.... All this with only a semester of year 8 high school manual arts behind me.

The last 3 months have been a bit chaotic - I really can't do too much without my new stumps to get the house level. Without it level, I can't do too much inside the house at the moment. But so far I have managed to (with some help of family)
  • rip up most of the stinky old carpet
  • take up all the old vinyl in the kitchen - hours upon hours here melting the adhesive with a heat gun
  • removing the bathroom linen cupboard revealing a hidden window

  • removing one of the kitchen cupboards, taking out part of a wall, and starting to strip out the wall paneling

  • installing a wardrobe into the main bedroom

  • installed timber blinds into two bedrooms

  • new letterbox cemented in

However, with the recent rains about and the crappy lawn filled with weeds, I have been recently putting in the some garden beds. Lovely softened soil that is easy to dig...mmmmm.... I am going for a bit of a tropical rainforest them under two existing golden cane palm trees.
Then along my driveway is going to be something like a desert pebble garden - hopefully a neglect and forget area.